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More than 12 million people are diagnosed with cancer worldwide every year. At Sanofi Oncology, patients lie at the heart of our research and development efforts. Our aim is to combat cancer in all its different forms by carrying out research on the different pathways involved in the development, growth and propagation of cancer cells.

At Sanofi, our passionate focus on partnership and innovation is essential to discovering new agents and new strategies in the fight against cancer. We strongly believe in the power of translational medicine, and work internally and externally to strengthen cooperation between all researchers whose work is focused on patients. We have been successful in searching out the best science, the best companies, to create long-lasting partnerships for the discovery and development of new medicines for treating cancer. Through our own R&D capabilities and our numerous partnerships, we strive to accelerate the cycle of innovation.

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Sanofi joins the fight against prostate cancer

ON THE LINE is a prostate cancer awareness campaign and Sanofi is co-sponsoring this initiative to help educate men and women about the importance of prostate screening. The campaign focuses on health education that harnesses the power of sports and celebrities to challenge men to take charge of their health. ON THE LINE offers educational materials for both men and women on prostate cancer, to promote a true "team" approach.

And Sanofi is fighting prostate cancer every way we can too. We know the stakes. Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnose cancer in American men today. Every five minutes two more men are diagnosed with the disease. And it's the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S.

From our earliest days, the goals of our cancer research have remained steadfast: to battle cancer with the most effective agents we can develop, to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and to create breakthrough therapies for cancer patients. With the availability of new research techniques, we are also investigating targeted agents and novel approaches that may one day play an important role in advancing cancer management.

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