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Sanofi's focus on patients has driven our historical and ongoing strategy to create long-term value by researching and delivering innovative treatments. Sanofi Oncology's heritage in oncology has given us an extensive knowledgebase that enriches our current research expertise. This experience encompasses a wide variety of cancer types, disease stages, patient populations, and patient needs. As a global healthcare company focused on patient needs, we are committed to attacking cancer on many fronts.

Today, our pipeline spans multiple therapeutic areas within oncology, across both solid tumors, hematology and transplant. We are an industry leader in the development of cytotoxic agents, which remain the foundation of cancer treatment. In addition to traditional chemotherapy, we are also investigating targeted agents and novel approaches, such as gene-focused therapy and drug-antibody combinations that may play an important role in advancing cancer management in the future.

While research into new therapeutic approaches is of vital importance, we cannot forget that cancer research is about people who are fighting for their lives. For this reason, our innovative patient awareness and support programs continue to expand. Through our collaborations, we strive to transform scientific innovation into hope and solutions for patients.

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Sanofi joins the fight against prostate cancer

ON THE LINE is a prostate cancer awareness campaign and Sanofi is co-sponsoring this initiative to help educate men and women about the importance of prostate screening. The campaign focuses on health education that harnesses the power of sports and celebrities to challenge men to take charge of their health. ON THE LINE offers educational materials for both men and women on prostate cancer, to promote a true "team" approach.

And Sanofi is fighting prostate cancer every way we can too. We know the stakes. Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnose cancer in American men today. Every five minutes two more men are diagnosed with the disease. And it's the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S.

From our earliest days, the goals of our cancer research have remained steadfast: to battle cancer with the most effective agents we can develop, to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and to create breakthrough therapies for cancer patients. With the availability of new research techniques, we are also investigating targeted agents and novel approaches that may one day play an important role in advancing cancer management.

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